Instagram Daredevil Dies After Falling From 68th Floor Of A Skyscraper

@remnigma via Instagram

Is it tempting fate to do death-defying stunts? Maybe.

Remi Lucidi, who is known to his fans as Remi Enigma, is a true daredevil. He used to post pictures and videos of himself in very precarious situations, such as on the top of tall buildings and other extreme circumstances. He filmed himself doing all kinds of stunts like this multiple times and shared them on Instagram. Unfortunately, last week something went terribly wrong.

Remi has died at the age of 30 years old. His body and a sports camera were found on a patio near a skyscraper in Hong Kong. It appears that he got trapped outside the skyscraper.

@remnigma via Instagram

Sky News reports that Remi got inside the building by lying to a security guard, claiming he was there because he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor. After getting inside, security footage shows Remi leaving the elevator on the 49th floor of the building. He is later seen on security camera footage on the staircase to the top floor of the building. At the top floor, a door to the outside of the building was forced open, most likely by Remi.

While outside the building, Remi got the attention of a maid who was inside the building. According to the maid, he knocked on the window, probably indicating that he was trapped outside and needed help. The maid responded by calling the police, but it was too late. It seems that Remi lost his footing while still outside the building.

According to a source that spoke to The South China Morning Post, “It is possible that he got trapped outside the penthouse while practicing an extreme sport in the building, and he knocked on the window for help, but accidentally fell to his death.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Remi’s tragic death and to see some of the death-defying places he dared to go and take pictures.

Rest in peace.