11 People Reveal the Insane Things Their Family Did That They Always Assumed Were Normal

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When you grow up doing something all the time, you probably think it’s completely normal. That is, until you do it in front of someone who’s never heard of such a thing—and then you realize your parents taught you something that was completely weird.

In a recent Reddit thread, people answered the question, “What did your parents/family do that you later realized was insane?” The answers are hilarious. Here are the top ones!

  1. Making Weird Taco Recipes

    “We put coleslaw dressing on tacos whenever we made them at home.”

  2. Putting a Pebble in Your Shoe

    “My mom had us each pick out a pebble to put in our shoe each morning. We were told to offer up our suffering for the poor souls in purgatory. Cut to grade three, gym class. Mrs. Grabowski, our gym teacher: “Heresyandpie, why are you limping?” “There’s a pebble in my shoe.” “So take it out!” “But what about the poor souls in purgatory?” She didn’t say another word about it. I quit with the pebbles a few years later, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized how screwed up the whole situation was.”

  3. Fend For Yourself

    “’Fend for yourself night’ when I was like… 5 and on. Wed have to find our own food that night. I later found out my parents were too lazy to cook for my sister and I who were just 5 and 8.”

  4. Clearing Old Trees

    “One of the winter chores was to clear old trees in an area that eventually became fields. Imagine being hoisted up to a knot on top of a tree, 30 feet in the are on the front end loader of a tractor so you could dump in a mixture of oil and gas, and chucking matching in the hole. The explosion being enough to rock the loader back and forth. My father ran the tractor while I firebombed the tree.”

  5. Microwaving Grilled Cheese

    “My mom made grilled cheese by making toast and then microwaving it with cheese in between.”

  6. Fake Dying

    “When I was very young (maybe 5 or 6?) my mother would cuddle with my younger brother and I – she thought it was funny when she pretended to die while holding us. I was terrified and I will always remember that. She would wake up from ‘death’ and laugh to get a reaction out of us.”

  7. Camping Peeing Rituals

    “My father used to make us pee in a bucket when we went camping. Then he would pour all of the urine around our tents…to mark our territory…to keep the black bears away. This isn’t a thing. It’s just weird.”

  8. Having to Stay Late at School

    “I’d just be left at school for hours after dismissal; No reason why, and I’d be berated for being ungrateful or w/e if I asked why I didn’t get picked up til 6pm.”

  9. Not Offering “Big People Food”

    “My parents would feed us ramen and buy themselves steaks and tell us it was big people food.”

  10. Hiding Cameras

    “For YEARS I couldn’t figure out how my parents always knew what I was doing – sneaking a boy in, GF bringing in a bottle of vodka, getting in late after curfew, you name it. I chalked it up to them being parents. I was TWENTY ONE, when I found 4 surveillance monitors in the canning closet downstairs.”

  11. Making Sweet Vegetables

    “My mom tricked us 5 boys into liking/eating all of our vegetables by covering them in melted butter and sugar.”

What did your family always do that you later realized wasn’t normal in the slightest?