15 People Reveal Which Seemingly Innocent Questions They Actually Believe Are Really Rude

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By nature, people are nosy. And nosy people love to ask questions. Though sometimes these questions are totally innocent, they come off as actually kind of rude.

You’ll know what we mean if you’ve ever come across these seemingly innocent yet rude questions, all of which were compiled on Reddit.

  1. Too Private

    “Are you pregnant?”

    Uh, are you calling me fat?

  2. Food Comments

    “That’s your lunch?”

    Yes…and I like it, thank you very much.

  3. And Even More Food Comments

    “Are you really going to eat that?”

    Watch me.

  4. Too Much Info

    “My relative/friend killed himself.” “How did he do it?”

    Senseless, much?

  5. On Facial Expressions

    “Why don’t you like smiling?”

    I do, just not around you.

  6. Name Comments

    “Is that your real name?? If that’s how someone introduces themself, you should probably just go with.”


  7. Location Comments

    “So where are you really from?”

    Where I just said I was from…

  8. Relationship Comments

    “When are you getting married?”

    When you leave me alone.

  9. And Family Life Comments

    “When are you having kids?”

    I’d tell you if I wanted to.

  10. Job Comments

    “When are you going to get a real job?”

    Uh, this is my real job, so thanks.

  11. Alcohol Pressure

    “Why aren’t you drinking?”

    Why aren’t you minding your own business?

  12. Mannerism Comments

    “Why do you have a cane?” or “Why do you walk like that?”


  13. Physical Appearance Questions

    “Is that your real hair?”

    Yes, please don’t touch it.

  14. Mental Health Quesions

    “Why are you depressed? You have such a good life.”


  15. On Being Alone

    “Have you tried getting out more?”

    Have you tried not being rude?

Have you ever been asked these questions before? Which one do you find most rude?