This Inflatable Sofa Will Make Days At the Pool So Much Better This Summer

Which would you rather do: Lounge on the couch or take a dip in the pool? We know, we know: How challenging of a question! While the couch is comfy and relaxing in the air conditioning, getting in the pool provides your daily dose of vitamin D and hours of entertainment. If only you could bring the couch IN the pool…

Looks like we’re not the only one who thought of that idea. You can actually buy an inflatable sofa that act just like your living room lounger, but can be used in the water! Brilliant. It’s called the Aqua Sofa and we definitely need it for the summer.

Created by Solstice by Swimline, the Aqua Sofa is exactly what you’d imagine it to be: A sofa that inflates so you can use it in the pool. It holds up to three people, so it’s perfect for a lazy afternoon with family or friends or even the dog.

As far as design, it’ll match your pool aesthetic perfectly! The blue-striped fabric-topped float comes with three blue-striped throw pillows. The pillows can be easily be adjusted to provide as much comfort as possible, plus, the curved back of the float helps perch yourself up.

Additionally, the Aqua Sofa comes with its own carrying bag (in case you don’t have a pool and want to easily bring it to a friend’s), as well as an InstaFlateSystem air pump.

You can conveniently purchase the Aqua Sofa on Amazon for just $124.99. Better get it before they sell out for the summer! You can also find it at Walmart and Target for the same price.

Still not sure if you need a floating sofa in your pool? Well, you do—but don’t take it just us from. Take it from all of the glowing reviews: “This is a very well made pool float,” a reviewer posted. “The soft material on the front is very comfortable sit on and you don’t get that squeaky plastic sticking to your skin. This was a product I saw available through Pottery Barn! Excellent product!”

“Best float we have ever purchased for our pool,” someone else commented. “Everyone wants a turn floating in it. We would definitely recommend it, as would all our guests!”

“Enjoying our new pool sofa. Very comfortable and plenty of room for the two of us plus our 4 small poodles,” a dog-friendly family wrote.

See? It’s a summer-time pool necessity!

Do you like to lounge in the pool in the summer? Do you think you’ll be purchasing this float?