We’re Still Scratching Our Heads Over These New Inflatable Pants

harri_ks via Instagram

Sometimes runway fashion is a little unusual. More than once, we’ve seen models wearing styles that we knew we could never pull off in real life. Now, there’s a new style that is 100% designed just for the runway.

Harikrishnan, a 26-year-old student at the London College of Fashion, has created a fashion trend that he doesn’t plan to sell, so keep that in mind when you take a look at these huge pants.

The student from Kerala, India, told Vogue that one day when he was walking his pug, Kai, he wondered what he looked like from his dog’s perspective. That gave him the idea to play with perspective and distortion when creating the fashions for his graduate fashion show.

Harikrishnan literally inflated men’s pants before sending them down the catwalk. The effect has gotten some pretty interesting comments on Twitter. 

Then there are all the comments comparing the pants to part of the male genitalia. We can’t say they’re wrong, but honestly, we have to imagine that it must have been difficult for the models to walk down the catwalk while wearing inflatable pants. Talk about your legs rubbing together!

Harikrishnan intentionally wanted to create something that’s different and stands out from the crowd. He explained, “People connect to the inflatable trousers because they are unfamiliar. We see the same things again and again through social media, so I wanted to invite them to question why this is by creating a new ‘unfamiliar’ visual.”

Ultimately, Harikrishnan does want to create fashion that is actually for sale. After the buzz around these unusual pants deflates, he wants to return to India and create items like bags using beads.

What do you think of Harikrishnan’s inflatable pants?