Indian Couple Sues Grandson For Not Giving Them a Grandchild Quickly Enough

After a couple gets married, well meaning friends and family members may ask more often then the couple would like if and when the couple is planning to have children.

Starting a family is a decision that the couple should be able to make. While some people are eager to have kids right away, other people want to wait a few years or possibly never have children. Then there are people who desperately want to have children but years go by and they are still having trouble conceiving a child. In any of these cases, asking when someone is planning to have kids can be rude, insensitive and sometimes painful.

One couple in India is doing much more than ask when their son and his wife plan to have children. They are actually demanding that he have children and have filed a lawsuit to require him to pay them for their “mental distress” if he does not give them a grandchild in the next year.

Watch the video below for more information about this highly unusual lawsuit.

Sixty-one year old Sanjeev Prasad and his wife, 57-year-old Sadhana Prasad, claim that they spent a lot of money raising their son, Shrey Sagar, who is now 35 years old. They paid for him to travel to the United States to get his pilots license. When he moved back to India in 2007 and had trouble finding a job, they supported him and paid for everything he needed until he eventually got a job as a pilot.

In hopes of having grandchildren, Mr Prasad also arranged a marriage for his son with Shubhangi Sinha who is now 31 years old. They threw a lavish wedding for the newlyweds and paid for their honeymoon. The problem is that the wedding was six years ago, and Mr and Mrs Prasad thought they would be chasing after grandkids by now.

Do you think six years is too long to wait to have children? Do you think the parents are out of line for suing their son because they want grandchildren?