8-Year-Old’s Spot-On Impression of Mom Working From Home Is Striking a Chord With Millions

Good Morning America

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, people everywhere had to scramble to combine their work life and home life. With offices closed and daycares shut down, parents were forced to multitask like they’ve never multitasked before—getting their work done from home while also managing their kids.

Well, after more than a year, this seemingly impossible task is…well, still seemingly impossible. And if you’re struggling to get anything done at “work” while you also had kids running throughout the home needing your attention, you’re not alone.

One mom got a kick out of her 8-year-old daughter mocking her at her home office desk. This child is spot on, as she has clearly seen her mom trying to work and wrangle kids a few too many times.

The 8-year-old begins her act by typing fiercely typing away at the keyboard with an intent stare at the computer screen to sign in. She then reaches for her phone to take a call, only to snap her fingers at her “kids” to signal them to get out of the room.

As she’s doing that, she’s also trying to do a million other things, writing down notes, have a conversation, to which she tells the person on the other end that the “dog is very crazy.” We’re not even sure she finishes one complete sentence because she snaps at her “kids” again, telling them that they need to “go upstairs and get ready”—(and then of course apologizing to the person on the phone and telling them she’ll have to call them back).

After she quickly gets off the phone, she realizes she needs to be in a Zoom call and the kids are STILL bugging her, so she lays down the law: “Please leave, do not come in!” she says.

Thee video is striking a chord with millions because of how realistic and relatable it is.

“This impression is dead on accurate,” one person commented. “Too much detail.”

“OMG! She definitely was spot on. Sooo cute, so accurate especially the finger snapping,” someone else wrote. “She’s probably her mother’s ‘mini me.’”

“She’s gonna be a good actor when she grows up!” another person stated.

If you’ve tried working form home in these conditions, you need to see this video, which was shown on Good Morning America. Check it out below!

Do you work from home? How do you manage the chaos around you? What do you think of this little girl’s impression of her mother?