11 People Share the Moments When They Immediately Regretted What They Said

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We all have those moments. You know, the ones where we say something that we immediately wish we could take back. It’s like the words leave our mouths before we even have time to think about them. Then, the second they’re gone, we cover our mouths, almost as if doing so would take the words back. But they’re out there, for everyone to hear and laugh at or judge or make fun of.

Unfortunately, those moments can stick with you for a long, long time. But if it makes you feel any better, lots and lots of people go through this. In fact, there’s a Reddit thread dedicated to people’s biggest “I shouldn’t have said that” moments. Here are the top responses from the read.

  1. A Bad Sympathy Wish

    “Someone was explaining to me that his brother in-law had just passed away unexpectedly due to a heart attack. My first comment? ‘Bless his heart.’”

  2. A Slip of the Wedding Vow

    “During my wedding ceremony I said, ‘with lusting devotion’ instead of LASTING devotion…I mean, both phrases work…I don’t mind having to commit to lusting devotion for the rest of my married life.”

  3. How They Look in an Outfit

    “My wife and I were going somewhere…W- ‘Do I look OK?’ She was wearing brownish capris, a light colored camisole, and a brownish shirt over it…I tried to come up with something cute and brown…Me- ‘Like a potato.’ It is now the basis for all clothing related questions.. 20-ish years later…W- ‘Do I look like a potato in this?’”

  4. Assuming Someone Was Pregnant

    “Not me, but my boss and I were riding up the elevator. I was 6 months pregnant at the time and it was obvious (2nd kids shoo). There was also another pregnant lady standing right next to me, then another lady who appeared pregnant. My boss who is a very nice lady said, ‘oh look at you three standing there!’ The one on the end said, ‘Oh, I’m just fat.’”

  5. How NOT Fat They Are

    “A number of years ago, my wife was complaining about being overweight. She wasn’t overweight at all. In an attempt to comfort her, I put a hand on her shoulder and said, ‘you’d be perfect if I was blind.’ Her reaction was not what I had in mind.”

  6. A New Diet for Kids

    “I told the toddlers at my work whilst in the yard, ‘Fun fact; some people eat snails like that one.’ Cue me running around stopping children under my care from eating snails.”

  7. Divorce Jokes

    “My neighbor was telling me the story about how he and his ex-wife split up. Weeks after the divorce she got married to his best friend and they moved a few states away I said, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ He did not think it was as funny as I did.”

  8. A Congratulations Gone Wrong

    “’Congratulations on graduating!’ ‘I didn’t graduate.’ The rest of the class had graduated, she had failed a module. Oops.”

  9. A New Kind of Underground Railroad

    “In my middle school music class we were studying the Underground Railroad. Our teacher asked us to name famous African Americans from the period. My hand goes up. Now, I had the image of Harriet Tubman in my mind. I still have no idea why I said what I was about to. Teacher calls on me. I answer, ‘Martha Stewart.’ Class roars with laughter.”

  10. A Bad Dog Bite

    “One classmate was talking about her dislike for dogs so naturally I, with a joking tone, asked ‘What dog bit you?’ And she quietly responds, ‘A german shepherd.’”

  11. Challenging Mom’s Career

    “I was fighting with my mom and she said something about I don’t pay for this house, but since she was and has been a stay at home mom at the time, I said ‘I mean technically you don’t either,’ and that was the WRONG thing to say and I knew I had it in for me.”

Have you ever said something you wished you could take back? What was it?