13 People Point Out the Things That Are Illegal That Most People Tend to Forget or Ignore

Image of man driving car with Uber.Wikimedia Commons

There are many things that we all know are illegal. For example, theft, murder, and kidnapping. Then, there are things that many people often forget are illegal, or if they remember, they don’t take it seriously.

Reddit user hadeslilbit asked, “What’s illegal but people act like it isn’t?” Many Reddit users answered this question with great examples of laws many people ignore on a regular basis. Some vented about how frustrating it is to see people break these laws.

Scroll down to discover 13 illegal things that are commonly ignored. You might even discover you’ve been breaking a law without knowing it.

  1. It’s Not Free

    Reddit user xxd34thisherexx wrote:

    “Sampling” bulk candy in grocery stores

  2. Teens Need to Stop

    Pm_me_baby_pig_pics answered:

    Even taking nude pics of yourself as a teen is illegal. And if you send it?? Technically you’ve produced and distributed CP. I don’t think prosecutors really go after teens for it, but it is still very illegal.

  3. How Much Do You Make?

    loljetfuel shared:

    In the US, telling non-managerial employees not to discuss wages. The National Labor Relations Act — which was passed in 1935 — makes it illegal for an employer to prohibit you in any way from discussion of your wages with others (unless you’re management; as in, actually have control over others’ salaries. Then they can tell you not to disclose those).

  4. Bring Doggy Bags

    llcucf80 explained:

    Not picking up after your dog. There’s an awful lot of doggie landmines in the dog walking trails where I take my dogs.

  5. This Could Be Dangerous

    theLoveGiant wrote:

    Entering the freeway at a very slow speed for no reason or stopping completely first for no reason.

  6. Obey the Signs

    BooksRock shared:

    doing U turns or turning left or right when there’s signs saying it’s not allowed

  7. Not Everything Is Public Domain

    MeganMissfit answered:

    Stealing artwork/photos from the internet and using it for commercial purposes without permission (logos, tshirts etc.).Not talking about older images that are public domain, like Starry Night. I’m talking artwork done by currently living artists who are most likely trying to make a living off their work. Too many people think that just because it’s on the internet, means it’s free to use.

  8. It’s Still Stealing

    Kinsey93 added:

    Low-level stealing from work.Maybe a few pens that I leave in my pocket, the accidental AA batteries, the computer monitor.

  9. Don’t Litter

    WeAllHaveOurMoments wrote:

    Littering – I don’t even care that it’s illegal, it’s the apathetic act itself and its repercussions that bother me.

  10. Don’t Text and Drive

    Theseus698 explained:

    Texting while driving.I live in a college town, and I take a mile walk every morning, and I like to people watch while waiting at crosswalks. It’s infuriating how people can just stare at their phones while driving. I could understand if it was just when stopped (though you shouldn’t do it even then) but these people roll up to a light, head tilted 90 degrees to the side, one hand on the wheel and it drives me nuts.

  11. You Know You’ve Done It

    Freeiheit shared:

    Speeding. Speed limits are more guidelines than rules

  12. Baseball

    nokittythatsmypie answered:

    Recording a baseball game without the express written consent of Major League Baseball.

  13. This Is Stealing Too

    DatBoiZz admitted:

    Pirating movies, music and games and i do all those things