How to Tell if You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra Size for Your Body

We’ve heard it before: go and get a professional bra fitting and it will change your life. Sage advice, but not so much if you believe things are A-OK in that area. You won’t bother checking!

There are signs that you could be wearing the wrong size and perhaps you’ve been doing it for years. Out of all the bras that you own, do you stick to a reliable rotation of the most comfortable ones in the bunch?  Bras get worn out, breasts change over time, and you lose the support you need.

Statistics state that nearly 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. That’s a huge number, but there are steps you can take to see if your bra is a bad fit. Look out for these signs and change things!

  1. Your Straps Slip Off

    If your straps are constantly falling off your shoulders, it’s usually because your band is too big. Go down a size in your band.

  2. Your Band Rides Up

    During the normal course of your day your band likes to visit your neck region. Not good. It’s too big for your frame and you should size down.

  3. Your Underwire is Assaulting You

    In this case, you need to increase your cup size. If the underwire is sticking it to you or giving you underboob, it’s too small.

  4. Your Cup Overfloweth

    Spillage on top or on the sides of your bra can make your breasts look they’ve multiplied or merged into one. Some women think this looks great, but it means the cups are way too small. It’s time to take your cup size up a notch or two.

  5. Shoulder Indentations or Pain

    Ouch! Your straps are not supposed to be doing breast lifts and sinking into your skin. This is actually a problem with the band. Try going with a smaller band size for better support and let the straps do less of the work.

  6. Your Bra Isn’t Centered

    A bra that fits properly should sit flatly on the center of your sternum. If the bra’s gore (front center) is floating in the air, you need to up the cup and downsize your band.

  7. You’ve Got Wrinkled Cups or Gaps

    Your cups are too big and you’ll need to size down. Your breasts should be able to fill the cups amply to prevent gaps between your breasts and the fabric or any wrinkling in the bra.

  8. You Have Back Rolls

    If you notice a back bulge that sits on top of the bra band, you should increase your band size. However, if the back rolls are being created when the band rides up, you should decrease your band size.

  9. You’re Not Using the Loosest Hook

    In the bra world, using the loosest hook allows the bra to break in and stretch naturally over time. After that stage, you can adjust the straps and use the other clasps. If the bra is still too loose, go down in band size.

Visiting a professional for a fitting is one option, but if you’d prefer to DIY your sizing at home, try using an online calculator. Make sure you consider any changes in your body like pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss. You may be surprised by the results!

You’ll finally be able to ditch the bad matches and buy some bras that provide ample coverage and are flattering to your silhouette. Since bras are not designed to conform to each body type, you have to be aware of changes in your shape and size.

When was the last time you had your bra size checked? Are you going to check your size after seeing these tips?