15 People Reveal the First Thing They’d Buy If They Had Unlimited Money

alexkalina via Deposit Photos

Let’s face it—not having enough money is one of the top reasons people don’t do the things they want to do. Whether it’s take a lavish vacation or put an addition on their homes, many people shy away when they realize what things like that cost.

But what if you had unlimited money? The game would be totally different! In a recent Reddit thread, people shared the first things they’d do if money was not an issue. Here are some of the best answers.

  1. A Really Good Meal

    “A really nice steak with home made chips and char grilled asparagus and I’d pay for my electricity bill. I’m super bloody poor and haven’t had a nice steak for months.”

  2. Help Schools

    “Create schools worldwide, and pay teachers a wage that is on par with doctors and lawyers.”

  3. A New House

    “Currently displaced by a house fire and staying in a one room hotel room with three kids and one on the way (38 weeks pregnant) and a great dane. Flat broke and waiting on gofundme to release funds which we’ve been waiting three weeks for now. No idea how I’m going to even feed my kids this weekend, let alone for the hotel room for the next month until our new rental is ready.”

  4. Stuff FOR the New House

    “Furniture, appliances, and I’ll fill up my pantry with a lot of supplies. I’ll be filling up my room though, will definitely invest on a workspace. I’m going to get a Herman Miller office chair and an Autonomous SmartDesk. Then I’m going to get a really nice bed for my bedroom and a new bicycle. But generally I’ll buy a lot of things to fill my house.”

  5. Time

    “In anyway I could. Quit the job that sucks my time, work on my health, spend time with my family. Anything.”

  6. A Castle

    “All these rich a**holes buying properties in the big city, it’s like you have the money why not go buy yourself a castle, f*ck it build yourself a castle. Billionaires aren’t creative these days.”

  7. Fitness Help

    “A personal trainer to get me in shape and an assistant to follow me around and slap food out of my hand.”

  8. A Friend’s Home

    “A house for my best friend right next to mine, so we can live together on my acreage.”

  9. Or a Family’s Home

    “They’ve been doing rough financially and I know they really want a house. That’s the only significant thing I would buy.”

  10. Pay Off Student Debt

    “I would pay for my son’s tuition for the rest of his school life…I refuse to allow him to die in student loan purgatory like I no doubt will.”

  11. Treat Family

    “Take my mother on vacation. My brother and I always appreciated how our mom struggled so much to provide for the three of us. We both promised each other once we have more money, we take mom on a nice trip somewhere.”

  12. Donate to Science Research

    “Fund research in all areas of science, not for profit but for humanity and preservation of this planet, including everything that’s on it.”

  13. Create a Disaster Relief Organization

    “Create a worldwide organization that will immediately provide help when a disaster strikes (any natural disasters, collapsed buildings etc). The organization would have bases on every continent, with planes, boats and trucks to provide help and logistics as fast as possible. It will provide specialists, food, goods, medical supplies, logistics and whatever else is needed depending on the type of emergency.”

  14. An Ice Cream Sandwich

    “It sounds silly, but several years ago, I was living paycheck to paycheck and had a fair amount of credit card debt. I fell behind in my mortgage and lost my home to foreclosure. Shortly after I was notified, I drove over to a 7-11, bought an ice cream sandwich, and ate it while crying in my car. Unfortunately, every time I eat an ice cream sandwich, it’s still a bittersweet feeling. I always think of the day my favorite childhood comfort food became forever intertwined with my sense of complete and utter failure. After coming into life-changing money, I would hope that an ice cream sandwich would taste as good again as it did when I was a kid.”


What would you do if you had unlimited money?