Comedian Imagines If All Popular Fast Food Chains Were People

Trey Kennedy via YouTube

When you want something quick, easy and delicious, you probably think of getting some fast food. But it’s hard to pick a favorite fast food chain. They are all so different! If you want a classic burger and fries, maybe McDonald’s is the way to go. Craving a spicy breaded chicken sandwich? Chick-fil-A might be your jam. A burrito? Taco Bell is calling your name.

Because all fast food restaurants vary so much, it almost feels like they each have a completely different personality. In fact, each one is so distinct, that comedian Trey Kennedy decided to imagine if all of the most popular fast food joints were real, live people.

In his new skit, Trey has all of your favorite places sit down for a therapy support session, since obviously all of the personalities clash. And they all wind up just one-upping each other and arguing over the silliest things. Truth be told, he did an awesome job and they all couldn’t be more accurate.

For example, McDonald’s thinks that they’re the “top dog” out of all of the fast food chains, coming across pretty cocky and conceited. “We’re the best—no one makes more money. And our ice cream machines DO work,” the character says.

“No they don’t,” Chick-fil-A replies, adding, “Just like us on Sundays.” (So true!)

“No one has more stores than us,” Subway chimes in. “We got on every street corner. We’re in Walmarts. Gas stations. Outlet malls. We’re in…prisons, I think…”

Then we have Starbucks, who comes off as the prissy, entitled one. After the therapist mispronounces its name, they claim that they “know names, because we made up fancy Italian ones for our drink sizes.” Tall latte, coming right up.

“We make up crazy names all the time,” a seemingly stoned Taco Bell answers. We’re releasing the quinceanera-rita. It’s a burrito you have be 15 or older to buy.”

As it continues to unfold, the impressions just keep getting better and better. The entire video is spot on and hilarious—guaranteed to make you laugh.

Ready to meet these fast food joints and others, and see how your favorite one would be if they were an actual person? Check out the video below!

Which fast food restaurant did you think matched up the best with its personality? Which one would you like to see Trey do next? What other stores do you think have “personalities”?