YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson: “I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive”


Different people have different fears. It could be a fear of bugs, snakes or wild animals like bears or alligators. It could be a fear of zombies, ghosts or vampires. It could be a fear of being mistaken for dead when you’re really alive. For people who are claustrophobic, the thought of being buried alive would have to be a worst nightmare.

Imagine being inside a coffin six feet under the ground. It’d be dark. You’d be all alone. There’s be no way to escape.

One YouTuber named Jimmy Donaldson decided to find out what it’s like to be buried alive. For this insane challenge, there were a few accommodations to make sure he would actually survive. First of all, he was connected to the outside world via walkie talkies and via cameras that were inside the coffin so his friends and an on-site medic could make sure he was okay. There were also lights inside the coffin which his friends had the ability to control.

In addition to being connected to the outside world and being monitored by his friends, Donaldson also had a few other things with him to make his experience less horrible. He brought snacks with him, and he brought empty bottles to use when he needed to go to the bathroom. Not ideal, but it worked.

The goal was for Donaldson to see if he could spend 50 hours buried alive. If he didn’t meet the challenge, he gave his friends the ok to tase him.

During Donaldson’s experience underground, there were a few obstacles he didn’t expect, like the weather outside was less than ideal which caused his friends to abandon him for awhile. When his friends were nearby, they went out of their way to annoy him and see if he could feel the things they were doing above ground, like setting off fireworks and starting a camp fire.

Fifty hours is a long time to be underground, but Donaldson prevailed victorious. Watch the video below to see how he did it.

What’s your biggest fear? Do you think you could survive 50 hours buried alive?