Woman Takes to Reddit to Ask She’s Right for Telling Husband’s Coworker to Stop Cooking for Him

In a strong marriage, husband and wife respect each other, but in every marriage, there are bound to be disagreements from time to time. Sometimes it’s hard for spouses to know which one is really right and which one is really wrong.

Reddit user Aitaxxx97 is a 35-year-old female who has been married for 3 years. Her husband, who is 32 years old, recently started a new job, and he has become friends with some of his co-workers. They even socialize outside of work.

Being friends with your co-workers is great, but there’s one co-worker, a woman named Claire, who is making Aitaxxx97 very uncomfortable. 

Aitaxxx97 went to Reddit to share the situation.

“His work colleague ‘claire’ is a bit intrusive and doesn’t really respect boundaries. She’d bring meals to my husband at work pretty much everyday. And buy him stuff saying she does this with everybody. She bought him a keychain before then he came home with a new tie and there wasn’t even an event at the company or outside of it.”

A woman cooking and buying gifts for a married college definitely seems strange, but Aitaxxx97’s husband defends Claire instead of siding with his wife. He even wanted her to try Claire’s cooking.

“My husband said she is just generous and has a good heart. She’d call him after work to ask what he’d like to eat the next day wft? I was stunned and confused. He didn’t reply to her saying he doesn’t want to make me upset and sort of drop it. The next day he came from work with her meal leftovers wanting me to try her cooking. I started getting uncomfortable and I wanted to meet her since I was told she’s a good person and what I found out was far from the truth. She saw me in the car with my husband and said hi in the meanest way imaginable. She kept asking me rude questions and made comments about my age.”

The situation escalated when Aitaxxx97’s husband wanted to invite some colleagues, including Claire, over to their home. The evening didn’t go well.

“She started talking about work and basically excluded me from the conversation and it was rude, very rude. and then brought up my age again. I was getting uncomfortable but didn’t say anything until she asked my husband what he wanted to eat the next day. I told her thank you but she shouldn’t be bringing him meals at work I thought that was inappropriate and not professional. She talked about him trying ‘something new’ and her cooking background and stuff. I told her no thanks but she disregarded my opinion. I got so mad at the blatant disrespect and told her to stop bringing him meals at work. She got upset and then after the argument she ended up leaving.”

Aitaxxx97’s thinks Claire’s behavior is inappropriate, but her husband thinks she should apologize to Clarie.

“My husband’s thinks I’m being rude to her and that I should apologize. But I refused because she was out of line completely. Especially after having been told no. He calls me controlling but I don’t see how that’s true.”

The consensus from the Reddit community seems to be that Claire is clearly the one who is being rude and acting inappropriately. One Reddit user wrote that she would be uncomfortable if a co-worker acted this way around her husband.

“I’d find it extremely weird if another woman was consistently cooking for my partner specifically. It’s one thing if she likes to cook and brings food for everyone at the office, it’s another to single him out (especially after you’ve communicated that it makes you uncomfortable).”

Another Reddit user warns that Claire wants to do more than cook for this woman’s husband.

“She wants the husband to try something new and it certainly isn’t the cooking, that’s just an appertiser.”

Another Reddit user specifically calls out the husband saying that he is the one who is in the wrong and that this couple has a “marriage” issue not a “Claire” issue.

“Claire’s being rude to you and disrespectful to your relationship with your husband. Too many boundaries are being violated. But you have a bigger problem than Claire – your husband. Your husband should have shut down this behavior ages ago. Instead he is encouraging it and allowing this woman to disrespect you. Not to mention your husband has been present when this woman has been rude to you and he has said nothing to defend you. Your husband also invited her over to your house even when he knows how you feel about her. You have a marriage problem, not a Claire problem. Your partner doesn’t care how this is making you feel and that’s the main issue. Instead he says you are being mean to her. This is unacceptable and you two really need to work on your relationship. If your husband respected and cared for you, he would be shutting Claire down and you wouldn’t have to worry about her.”