After 33 Years of Marriage, Husband and Wife Get Dramatic Makeover Together

husband and wife pre-makeoverMAKEOVERGUY

Question for all of you longtime couples out there: have you ever received a makeover alongside your honey? If you haven’t, we bet today’s video, courtesy of the experts at the Makeover Guy, will inspire you to do so! But, before we dive right into the shocking ‘before’ and ‘afters’, let’s talk a bit about the featured couple.

Jane and her husband have been married for an impressive 33 years, and first met when they were just teenagers. The dude in the relationship looks a whole lot like, for all of you The Big Lebowski fans, “The Dude.” Jane’s look isn’t quite as extreme as her husband’s, but she is rocking beach waves that her husband prefers “undone.” Simply put, shaggy and fuss-free is their thing!

Prior to commencing the makeover, the couple did an interview explaining how their romance started so many years ago. Apparently, the husband was a bit of a Cassanova back in the day as he had made a habit of proposing to many of the older girls at school.

“Jane isn’t the first woman I proposed to, but she is the first woman I proposed to that did not say ‘no’,” the husband proudly says.

Yep, he definitely received an eye roll from Jane for that statement!

Get this though, the husband was still in high school when he proposed and when to the two started dating–and she was already a bigtime college student.

Oooh! Talk about a controversial age gap.

To be fair, though, Jane did not take her decision of dating a lowly high school student lightly. In fact, she did tell her future husband that he was “crazy.” After all, they were both so young and, according to her, the passionate suitor was “really immature.”

Funnily enough, Jane says that her husband is “still immature.”

Relatable, right?

Ok, so this couple of 33 years (37 years with dating!) might not claim to have had a fairytale romance at the onset of their relationship, but it’s clear that the fairytale has only strengthened with age–which is all-too-rare! (Don’t believe us? Just wait until you see how these two look at each other. It seriously gives us butterflies!)

“I don’t want to look too good,” the wife said, “because then he’ll get a big head.”

Boy, oh boy, do we relate to you, Jane! Of course, we always want our partners to look their best and feel great, but anyone would be lying if they said that they want their partners to look better than them.

It might be a controversial topic, but it’s human nature–and it’s true!

Luckily, Jane’s longtime beau has a seriously good sense of humor about the whole situation. Although he might have quite a few candles on his birthday cake, he still has the cool confidence that, we suspect, he carried even as a lovelorn high schooler.

Now, let’s talk makeover. The Makeover Guy REALLY gave these two some awesome new looks. As mentioned, the lovebirds came in with seriously shaggy ‘doos–which we loved by the way–but they left with looks that are unmistakably high fashion. As a matter of fact, Jane even gushes that her husband looks like he belongs in the pages of GQ now. We couldn’t agree more!

While we are the first ones to admit the fact that we *kinda* miss the hippy-dippy vibes the duo was throwing at us pre-makeover, the change has clearly added some spring to their step. They are glowing!

Enough rambling on our part–it’s time for you to see the stunning before and after for yourself. To witness this married couple of 33 years go from ‘shabby’ to ‘chic’, be sure to watch the Makeover Guy’s video below!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these impressive makeovers! Are you a fan of their new looks? Which is your favorite? Have you and your partner ever received a couple’s makeover?