Husband of Woman Who Faked Her Own Kidnapping Has Filed for Divorce

Good Morning America

Sherri Papini is a mom to two children. There was also a time when she at least appeared to be happily married. It’s hard to know what the thought process is of a compulsive liar, but her world is currently crumbling around her and it’s her own fault.

Back in 2016, Papini disappeared. Her husband searched for her and even went on national news to talk about the experience. He desperately wanted his wife to return.

Then, one day, Papini’s body was found along the side of the road. She was alive, but she was also physically harmed. Papini claimed that she had been kidnapped and even described the kidnappers and kidnapping with details.

Papini’s husband believed her story. He was happy to have his wife home, and it hurt him to see her body harmed.

Then, it came to light that everything Papini said had been a lie. She had not been kidnapped. She was actually staying with an ex-boyfriend. The bodily harm was even self-inflicted in order to make her lies seem plausible.

Even after the truth came to light, her husband stayed by her side supporting her. That is, until now. Papini has pled guilty. Her husband has filed for divorce. He also wants full custody of the kids.

Watch the video below to learn more about Papini’s case and why after all this time her husband has decided to file for divorce now.

In a statement, Papini’s husband explained, “I wish to make it clear that my goal is to provide a loving, safe, stable environment for [the pair’s children] and I believe the requested orders are consistent with that goal and the best interests of the children. I do not want to say anything in the pleadings connected to this matter that would inflame the situation or attract media attention.”

Do you think Papini and her husband still love each other? Would you want to stay married to someone who lied to you in order to go stay with an ex-boyfriend? Do you think Papini’s husband is just trying to make sure his assets aren’t included with Papini’s?