Hurricane Laura Is Now the Strongest to Make Landfall in Louisiana in 164 Years


If you know people who live along the gulf coast of Louisiana or Texas (or, maybe you live there), you probably know people who evacuated in preparation for Hurricane Laura. The storm was classified as a Category 1 hurricane on Tuesday, but by Thursday, it had been reclassified as a Category 4 hurricane.

The strong storm hit Louisiana around 1am local time on Tuesday August 27, 2020, with winds as strong as 150 mph.

Laura is the strongest hurricane that has hit Louisiana since 1856. That hurricane was called The Last Island Storm. Laura made impact in Cameron, Louisiana, which is about 35 miles east of Texas. Some areas got up to 18 inches of rain.

According to NBC meteorologist Bill Karins, “Laura is also now tied for the most intense hurricane landfall on record in the state of Louisiana and ranks as one of the most powerful hurricane landfalls in U.S. history.”

Over in Port Arthur, Texas, a local news crew from Dallas reported that the power was out, but that it appeared that there was not nearly as much destruction as the area feared. Watch the video below for more details.


As Laura traveled inland, it was downgraded to a category 2 storm. The National Weather Service says that the storm could cause destruction as it travels through Texas and Louisiana.

Do you know anyone who evacuated due to hurricane Laura?