$800,000 Virginia Home Sold With An Actual Human Being Living In the Basement

Buying and selling a home isn’t always easy. If you’re the buyer, you often end up looking at house after house, often finding problem after problem and wondering if you’ll ever find a home that will work for you and your family. It doesn’t help when it’s a seller’s market and housing prices keep going up. Often, there are bidding wars for properties with many homes selling well over asking price.

It’s not necessarily easy if you’re a seller either. In most cases, a seller works with a real estate agent to make the house look picture perfect. Sometimes extra furniture is moved to storage and the house is staged to show off its best features. Sellers may even do some repairs to get the house ready to sell, which in turn will make it more appealing.

We say “in most cases” because certainly this doesn’t happen in every case. We have seen many houses sell that needed major repairs, and in a seller’s market, many of these houses go for well over asking as well.

Even if a house needs a few repairs, we would think that a home buyer would want to buy a home that is 100% theirs and doesn’t include any people currently living in the home, especially if those people are living there rent free. Apparently, that’s not always the case.

Recently, a home in Virginia sold for well over asking. While the picture of the front of the house may look nice, the description leaves us scratching our head about why someone would decide to buy this home. Besides mentioning repairs that will need to be made to the home, the description also mentions something extremely unusual. There is a person living in the basement rent free.

Watch the video below to learn more about this unusual house.

Why do you think someone would buy a house with an actual person living in the basement? Do you think the new owners let the squatter continue to live rent free, or do you think they were able to get her to move out?