How to Sell Your Hair Online

If you have really long hair and are thinking about cutting it anyway, check out a possibly easy way to make some extra cash:

  1. Verify Your Eligibility: most buyers look for healthy hair that is at least 10 inches long. You aren’t likely to find a buyer if your hair has been bleached, dyed, permed or if you’re a smoker.
  2. Choose a Listing Site: there are several sites that specialize in hair sales, but you could try either of these: Online Hair Affair or Hairwork.
  3. Write up Your Listing: include photos of your hair and a good detailed description, including the length that you’re offering, texture and color, hair care habits and lifestyle details (do you eat well? Etc.)
  4. Head over to Frugal Living’s How to Sell You Hair for Cash for details on how to set an asking price and make your sale.

    Editor’s Note: If you have 10 inches or more of hair to spare and you don’t really need the extra cash, donating your hair to a good cause is an excellent (and frugal!) way to improve someone else’s quality of life. Locks of Love is a great place to start!