How To Organize Your Makeup

There is no such thing as too much makeup. If you’re attached to every shade of blush and every eye shadow palette you own, don’t feel like you have to throw them away when things get cluttered. You just have to keep things organized! There are simple ways to keep your makeup in order that won’t just keep your vanity looking neat but will make your morning routine much smoother. Watch the video below in which organizational master Alejandra will show us her tips and tricks for how she keeps her makeup organized.

Keep in mind, this organizational technique was made to make Alejandra’s makeup routine easier for her. She prefers to sit on her toilet and use a small mirror on the edge of her bathroom counter to do her makeup.

To make her routine easier, she uses a slim, rolling cart to keep her makeup organized and mobile – so when she’s doing her makeup on the toilet seat, she can bring everything right to her.

If this isn’t how you do your makeup, that’s okay! There are still a whole lot of tips you can take away from this tutorial, a few of which we outlined below.


We love her use of sectioned off acrylic organizers! Each one has four sections, in which you can use to keep like makeups together, i.e. brushes in one section, eye liners in another.


This is such a cool hack. Alejandra was inspired by Sephora’s use of glass stones to keep tall brushes and makeup staying upright.

Those stones are expensive, so Alejandra improvised by using rice from her pantry! Make sure you rinse the rice and let it dry overnight before filling the containers with it.


You might not think of using bungee chords for your makeup but for Alejandra’s setup, wrapping a chord around the cart is the perfect place to hang clips from! These hair clips are invaluable but can be easily broken if they’re stored carelessly.

If this isn’t the setup for you, you can get the same effect by setting up tension rods anywhere in your bathroom.

Do you have any makeup organizing hacks? Share them in the comments section below.