How to Dye Your Hair With Kool Aid

Looking for a temporary hair dye solution that’s non-toxic and cheap to procure? Look no further than that packet of Kool Aid hanging out in your pantry. Using Kool Aid is perfect for experimenting with a new color without fully committing to it as it will last for only several washes.

You’ll want to make sure you’ve got plenty of protective gear, like rubber gloves, old towels, saran wrap, etc. at the ready. However, if you do stain your skin with Kool Aid in the process, it’s ok. You can use toothpaste to get those stains right out.

For the dye mixture, you’ll need:

  • Unsweetened Kool Aid (different colors obviously produce different, but wikiHow recommends Tropical Punch for a brighter red and Cherry for a deep red. You can experiment to your heart’s’ delight, though!)
  • A little water
  • A few drops of conditioner

For the full tutorial with step-by-step instructions and pictures, head over to wikiHow’s How to Dye Hair With Kool Aid.