How to Rock Bangs That Will Suit Your Face Shape

Let’s talk about bangs for a sec— or “fringe,” as the look is otherwise known. It’s one of those hairstyles we’ve all considered at least once, and it’s a really quick way to dramatically change your look. But for everybody with awkward grade school photos of short, clumpy fringe two inches above their eyebrows, or for all the ladies who tried to do it themselves and ended up crying in the bathroom, it can be REALLY difficult to break out the scissors. What we all need is some real know-how, and here to help is New Beauty Magazine, showing us the best way to pick a bangs style that will fit our individual face shapes. Watch the video below and pick your perfect look!

In the video, lead artistic director of KMS and the owner of Oya Salon, Brian Bode, shows us four different ideal bangs for four different face shapes: round, oval, square, and heart. Which hairstyle is ideal for your face shape?


With a round face, you want a cut that will accentuate your beautiful eyes and your killer cheekbones.

The Look: Slightly angled, heavy bangs. The bottom of the bangs should hit the top of your cheekbones and start to blend into your length from there; this will highlight the angles of your cheeks flawlessly.


Congratulations those of you with an oval shaped face! Your face shape can pretty much pull off any type of bangs. Because of this, your best bet is a versatile look that you can play with.

The Look: A soft V-shaped bang, that can be swept either way. The V-shape will fill out the oval shape of the face, blend perfectly into your hair, and give you the freedom to wear your bangs however you’d like…because you can!


With your powerful, move star-like face shape, you can pull off some really playful bangs. Your type of bangs are also very easy to grow back out and blend into your layers again, just in case you decide the look isn’t for you.

The Look: Side-swept bangs are best for you! This style will soften your face and accent your amazing cheekbones. Your stylist should take your fringe a little long and gradually shear downward; this will blend the side bangs into your existing layers and help fill out the shape of your head.


If you aren’t sure what a heart-shaped face is, it’s essentially someone who had a wider forehead which dips down into a more narrow chin, creating a literal heart-shape!

The Look: Sculpted, blunt bangs that shape the face. This will even out the size of your face, take some heat off your forehead, and give you an overall super edgy look. You’re lucky – this is a chic hairstyle of the moment and it’s extremely complimentary to your face shape!


What do you think of these hairstyles? Have you tried a specific type of bang for your face shape? Share some pictures of your fabulous hairdo in the comments section below.