How to Apply Your Foundation for a Flawless Finish

Foundation (as it’s name would lead you to believe) is the base of your makeup. But even though it may be your first step, that certainly does not mean that it’s the most simple. Flawless foundation can be hard to accomplish, but not with a few clever tricks up your sleeve! These 3 tips for applying your foundation will get you one step closer to that flawless finish.



1 . Choose the Right Tool

What you use to apply your foundation is crucial. While some of us may rely on sponges or even our fingers, we may want to rethink using these methods. Using a densely packed makeup brush has been shown to spread foundation more evenly than any other tool, making it a wise makeup investment.

2. Double Pat

To avoid the foundation crease, pat your moisturizer with a tissue once applied. Do the same when foundation is applied, but two times over. This technique will stop the foundation from settling into fine lines. For thinner lines, like smile lines, use a fine brush to get out that extra makeup before it settles.

3. T-Zone

To finish your face look, apply translucent powder to only your T-Zone area. Your T-Zone is across your forehead, down your nose to your chin. This area tends to be the most oily, so finishing powdered is really only needed here to get your finished look.

Do you have any foundation tricks and tips? Make sure to share them in the comments section below.