15 People Reveal How They Grew Up Poor Without Actually Saying It

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We all have different experiences when we grow up. What life is like depends on where we live, how many people are in our home (parents, brothers and sisters, and extended family), and how much money our family has.

Money isn’t everything, but it makes a different in what children do and do not have. While well to do families enjoy vacations, summer camp and name brand food, poor kids didn’t share those experiences. They got knock offs and second hand items. They didn’t enjoy extravagant vacations. Their families did what they had to do to make ends meets.

Twitter user Trevor Donovan asked, “Tell me you grew up poor, without telling me you grew up poor. I’ll go first. We used plain bread as hot dog buns and for dessert… margarine & cinnamon on bread.”

Other Twitter users eagerly responded with their own examples of what life was like growing up poor. Here are 15 examples that could be pretty eye-opening for anyone who grew up in a family that wasn’t poor.