11 Teachers and Parents Share How Their Schools Are Handling Coronavirus

Ah, it’s back to school season. For kiddos, that used to mean picking out a new outfit, backpack, and fun school supplies and heading off on to the school bus in the morning. But now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not even close to how it used to be.

Every school in each state is handling its restrictions differently. Some have succumbed to completely online learning and some are requiring in-person learning, with an abundance of masks, sanitizer, and other pandemic-friendly rules.

Here are just some of the ways schools are handling the 2020-2021 school year, according to a recent Reddit thread.

  1. Keep Classroom Doors Open When Not in Use

    When no class is under way in a classroom the door must be open so that people can lounge around in there to keep people from gathering in the hallways. this is a thing i hope stays since the hallways were often cramped with not enough seating.

  2. Prioritize Outside Time

    “If you have a gap between lessons that is longer than 30 mins then you are encouraged to go outside.”

  3. Keep Hallways Clear if You Can

    “To get to the eating area, then you should take the longer outside route rather than walk through the entire building.”

  4. Only Two People Are Allowed to Eat Together in the Cafeteria

    “In the eating are there are only 2 people per table and moving chairs around or merging tables is not allowed.”

  5. Remote Learning is Available if You’re Sick

    “The remote class systems since before summer are still available. Under any slightest bit of symptoms, you just do the classes online instead. Teachers have also become very lenient if you need to go home in the middle of class.”

  6. Students Are Forbidden From the Teacher’s Area

    “Students are no longer allowed in the teachers area. if you need to speak with one of the staff you just message them online. Before, you could just walk up to their desk and strike up a conversation.”

  7. In-Person Learning Switches Off

    “School is every other day and is done by last names alphabetically and grade, at least for the first days to get everything situated.”

  8. Everything is Virtual

    “Every freaking class is on Zoom. Exams and quizzes too. Group projects are on full force.”

  9. Masks are Required in Most Places…

    “Gotta wear a mask in common areas (halls, cafeteria etc.), but you don’t have to in classrooms.”

  10. …Or They’re Just Encouraged

    “Apparently masks are encouraged at my school, but not mandatory. Assuming I’m going to a private school with a right-leaning population, that means that there will be at the least 20 kids without masks… hopefully not but probably more. Not really worried about myself, but there are people who could actually get sick and I’m really not excited for any mask debates that arise. Plus, I don’t really want in-person school to go online again but it most likely will either way.”

  11. They’ve Done Nothing

    “They don’t. Happy cake day!”

How are the schools around you handling going back to school during a pandemic?