Dad’s Video About How Over-Sexualization Starts As Soon As A Girl Is Born Goes Viral

world.shaker via TikTok

Being a parent is never easy. Even before a child is born, there are so many decisions to make. Parents want to do a great job raising their children, but they face multiple challenges.

A dad named Michael realized that there is a special challenge facing parents with girls that parents who just have boys don’t necessarily face in the same way. It all started with a newborn size onesie his daughter was given as a gift. It had what he considered an inappropriate message on it. It read, “Sorry, boys. Dad says no dating.” He realizes it was probably supposed to be funny, but he didn’t find it funny.

Sure, there are equally un-funny t-shirt and onesie says for baby and toddler boys. Michael doesn’t think sayings like “Boob Man” are funny either.

Beyond the saying on the onesie, Michael noticed that clothes for his daughter seemed particularly form-fitting. For example, stores sell skin-tight leggings for little girls while they sell loose pants for boys. Even though his daughter is currently only 14 months old, he decided to dig a little deeper. He looked at the toddler sized clothes.

Michael recommends that parents and dads in particular go to a store that sells baby and toddler clothes and compare the options for boys and girls. For starters, he says to grab a pair of size 3T boys shorts and a pair of size 3T girls shorts. You’ll probably notice right away that the girl shorts are much smaller (shorter and tighter) than the boy shorts.

Michael told BuzzFeed that he doesn’t understand why there is such a huge difference in clothes sizes for young children. He explained, “Even the CDC’s own growth charts show the average 3-year-old girl and boy are only about a half inch and half pound apart in size.” That seems to mean that their clothes should be about the same size too.

Besides the size difference and the inappropriate messages, Michael is also annoyed by the limited color and style options in girl clothes. He doesn’t see why everything has to be pink or covered in ruffles and glitter. Instead, he wants his daughter to have clothes with featuring dinosaurs and pockets.

Watch Michael’s viral TikTok below.

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TikTok users completely agree with Michael. One viewer wrote, “I respect my mom cause she would always buy me boys clothes if it was something I liked.”

Other people applaud Michael for his parenting skills. One comment reads, “you are a great father.”

Have you noticed the huge difference in sizes, designs and styles on boy clothes verses girl clothes? Have you ever bought boy clothes for your daughters? Ladies, have you ever bought boys/mens clothes for yourself? Do you agree with Michael that over-sexualization of girls starts when they are born?