11 People Lament Just How Awful Group Projects Can Be


What was the worst part of school for you? For some it’s the tests, for some it’s the papers—but honestly? At least those you can complete individually. When it comes to the dreadful group project though, you have to rely on other people as well. And if you’re paired with the wrong person, it can be absolute hell.

There’s typically an overachiever in a group project…but then there’s the total opposite. The one who barely participates or who acts like the project is a complete burden on them and they can’t make the time for it. The overachiever then ends up doing the majority of the work and being resentful. It’s the worst!

Most people share this sentiment. So in honor of group projects being a total drag, here are the top hilarious comments about them bound to make you laugh!


What do you think the worst part about group work is?