Horrible at Doing Your Laundry? These 15 Hilarious Tweets Will Make You Feel Less Alone

Image of laundry fail@jo_nicki415 via Twitter

Laundry is the worst. It’s one of those chores that we all put off doing until the hamper is overflowing with clothing. And then when we finally do it (only because we ran out of underwear), it takes us twice as long!

Besides that, the actual act of doing laundry can be real confusing. I’ve shrunk one too many sweaters and still don’t know what I’m doing wrong. How much detergent do you put in? What setting is best for bed sheets or linens? Does cashmere go in the dryer? Does it REALLY matter if the colors go in with the whites?

The struggle is so real.

We know we’re not the only ones who feel this way about laundry. In fact, so many people hate laundry that there’s actually people tweeting their #laundryfails all over social media. And it’s kind of awesome. Laundry failures, unite!

So the next time you feel bad discoloring your white pants after you threw a red shirt in with it, know that there are plenty of people in the world kicking themselves over their laundry fails too. Here are some of the best ones we’ve seen:

  1. What goes in…

    Must come out. Even if they’re much smaller than when they started. And you know, disintegrated.

  2. Case of the missing undies

    They always end up somewhere totally embarrassing!

  3. So. Many. Mismatched. Socks.

    How is it possible that we have two feet and yet only one measly sock for each every time we attempt laundry?

  4. Like, SO many.

    They must be a secret hiding compartment in the dryer, there’s just no other explanation.

  5. Quick dry fail

    Wait, you can’t microwave your wet clothing?

  6. Pocket check gone wrong

    Glad we’re not the only one who finds literal sticks in the machine.

  7. Speaking of pockets…

    Guess we’ll never remember what else we wrote down.

  8. Shrunken mittens

    We totally meant to do that. We just wanted to have one for our child, that’s all…

  9. A little tint

    Totally unnoticeable.

  10. Every wonder what happens when you put an entire avocado in your washing machine?

    World’s cleanest pit.

  11. A new sweater

    …For ants.

  12. A colorful mistake

    It looks like it’s meant to be purple, right?

  13. Did we mention the socks?

    Missing socks will be the death of us.

  14. The dreaded braid

    It’s not the same kind of satisfaction you get from braiding your hair, that’s for sure.

  15. Either I grew or…

    They’re capris now.

Now that these laundry failures have spilled, it’s your turn! What’s your biggest laundry fail?