This 96-Year-Old’s Home is Straight Out of the 1950s

Ever wonder how cool it would be to take a step back in time to the 1950s? While technology hasn’t gone quite that far yet, we’ve just discovered the next best thing.

One home in Toronto, Canada recently went up on the market, and realtors, homebuyers, and just everyone who appreciates homes alike can’t stop talking about it.

The stunning home was owned by a 96-year-old, who lived in the house for 72 years. Can you even?

You’d think that after more than seven decades, the house would be falling apart, rats would be running along the hallways, and cockroaches would have infested the bathrooms. But that’s so far from what the home actually looks like it’s not even funny.

The home was listed by Gladys and Carla Spizzirri, who we want to bow down to. Clearly, they know a thing or two about taking care of an abode.

From the outside, the brick exterior resembles that of a typical row house from the 1950s, but the inside had our jaws fall right to the floor.

Let’s talk abut 1950s home decorating

The 1950s had a lot of different styles (just like today), but one of the most popular was having an exclusive pastel color scheme throughout.

Kitchens were known for having everything pastel—from the cabinets to the floors, tables to the chairs. And if you’ve ever walked into a 1950s bathroom, you know all about how cool it was to tile it in pastel (pink, mint green, pale yellow, you name it!).

Living rooms too—pastels galore. And to accent your cream couch and pale turquoise carpet, you had to get gold everything. Brass intricately decorated mirrors, coffee tables, side tables. The colors worked wonderfully together in the 50s.

The thing is, when we walk into homes from the 1950s today, they seem a bit, well, dull? As things age—be it furniture or kitchen cabinets—they tend to fall apart, age, break, get dirty. That’s probably why you thought grandma’s house smelled a bit musty.

However, Gladys and Carla Spizzirri’s home is totally changing the game for having a retro style in this day and age. The real estate agents who walked through this home for the first time were absolutely stunned and taken aback by how immaculate the seemingly dated house looked.

Not only was it spic and span, but it was like walking right into a 1950s showroom. The pastels and muted tones we talked about were everywhere in the living room, the dining room displayed a picture-perfect chandelier over the dining set, and the all-white kitchen cabinets with its curved edging were to die for.

The floral wallpaper in the bedrooms went perfectly with pretty pinks, whites, and purples throughout each. Each room was better and more pristine than the next. No doubt about it, the owner had a lovely sense of style back in the day, which amazingly still shines through to 2018.

The house was listed for $699,000 and has since sold, so sadly, it’s no longer available, but we hope it went to a good family who will let the character of the home shine through for even more decades.

You can check out all the photos here. What do you think of this 1950s home? Can you believe how pristine it was kept for so many years? Would you ever live in a home like this one?