21 Boston Home Inspectors Share the Most Ridiculous Things They’ve Encountered On the Job

bostonhomeinspectors via Instagram

Home inspectors don’t get a lot of credit. They enter hundreds of stranger’s homes and have to explore some of the eeriest, weirdest parts of it—has anyone ever wondered how odd this might be for them?

Take it from Boston Home Inspectors, who created an Instagram page specifically for the funniest and most unbelievable things they found on home inspections over the past 24 years. You won’t believe some of the odd things they’ve found. Here are some of the best posts!

  1. A Slide

  2. Lock Hoarding

  3. A Makeshift Oven Mitt Holder

  4. A Toilet in the Kitchen

  5. Casual Mushrooms Growing Inside

  6. A Garage That Apparently Has Never Been Used

  7. Close Enough

  8. A Trippy Deck

  9. A Phone By the Tub

  10. The Stairway to Nowhere

  11. Jenga Support Column

  12. The Forgotten Water Filter

  13. A Door With No Privacy

  14. A Precarious Rock

  15. And a Precarious Car

  16. A Shortcut

  17. Blocked Lights

  18. A DIY Outlet

  19. A Fix for a Broken Shower

  20. A Fancy Ceiling Light

  21. A Surefire Way to Burn Yourself

Can you believe some of these things that home inspectors find?