13 People Share the Popular Home Design Trends That They Just Can’t Stand

puhimec via Deposit Photos

Home design is something that is every changing—what was once in style in the 50s is completely outdated today, and what’s trending now might be completely weird in a few years.

On a similar note, just because something is in style doesn’t mean everyone should go for it. There are some home design trends that aren’t everyone’s taste—and in a recent Reddit thread, people blew up about the ones they can’t stand. Here are a few we can’t help but agree with!

  1. Wordy Kitchen Signs

    “The weird names on things kitchen stuff. I don’t need a butter dish that says ‘SPREAD’ or a tortilla dish that says ‘TORTILLAS’.”

  2. Too Much Smart Tech

    “If you flip a switch in my dad’s house it messes us his whole Alexa system and he gets inordinately mad about it and I don’t wanna say, ‘Alexa turn on the bathroom,’ I just wanna flip the light switch in the damn bathroom.”

  3. Farmhouse Décor

    “My fiancé and I are house hunting right now and I swear every other house has those sliding barn doors!”

  4. Minimalist Furniture

    “I know it’s popular right now, but the sort of minimalist modern furniture in rich people houses, especially one’s that need a remote to unfold or something. How is that better than a normal chair? Also, why make these big sitting rooms no one wants to hang out in?”

  5. Open Shelving in Kitchens

    “The reason for cabinets is so that no one can see your sh*t. Also dust.”

  6. Open Concept Bathrooms

    “I don’t want to see my toilet from my bed.”

  7. All White Everything

    “Give me color or shut up! My kitchen ceiling is deep green and I love it!”

  8. Or All Grey Everything

    “Every single room is mostly grey, white and completely sterile and lifeless. Bonus points for silver accent velvet fabrics, mini chandeliers, ‘Live Laugh Love’ signs, grey wood floors, grey blinds, and angular, minimalist furniture that takes away ANY warmth to a home.”

  9. Too Many Materials on the Exterior

    “This wall is brick, this wall in vinyl, and none of it matches.”

  10. Tacky Bathroom Art

    “I hate crude prints in the bathroom that have ‘cheeky’ quotes about bowel movements or urinating.”

  11. Vessel Sinks

    “Those sinks that are a bowl on top of the counter. It’s like they didn’t install the sink, and glued it to the bathroom counter.”

  12. Painted White Brick

    “It feels like it’s on every HGTV show I watch; they ruin beautiful classic brick with white paint. It has to be repainted constantly to maintain the “look,” shows way more dust, and doesn’t age as well as regular brick.”

  13. Things Designed to Look Distressed

    “It’s literally crap plastic made not here…or particle board garbage that is made to look like it has some history. …But it was molded on a conveyor belt a few months ago.”

What’s a home design trend that you could do without?