Hoda Shares the Weird Way She Makes High Heels More Comfortable

After spending a few minutes discussing Meghan Markle’s habit of wearing big shoes, Today show host Hoda Kotb and guest Mel B segued to another shoe topic. For a second, people were probably wondering what was going on.

It really turned into a “girl talk” moment as Hoda brought up the subject of shoe comfortability. Sometimes the back of the shoe chafes at your heel. Or your foot slides around in the shoe. Or your feet simply sweat and swell up from wearing high heels for hours.

When the two women were talking about Markle wearing oversized shoes, it was mentioned that she may do it to avoid the discomfort that comes with wearing heels for a long time. That includes swelling, blisters, and bunions.

But that presents a different problem, right? If the shoe is too big, it could slide right off your foot. As a remedy for all these possibilities, Hoda offered up her solution: a maxi pad.

Now, there are some women who have been hip to this trick for a while, but Mel B wasn’t one of them. As you’ll see in this video, not only has she never heard of the idea, but she is not convinced it’s effective either.

For her first demonstration, Hoda pulls out a winged sanitary napkin, peels off the backing, and sticks it inside of a shoe. She has Mel B try it on, explaining that it will feel like she’s walking on clouds, but it is important to note that it is not her own shoe that she’s testing.

But, who wouldn’t be game to try on cloudlike stilettos? An open-minded Mel B steps into the pumps and is totally unimpressed. Sadly, there are no clouds.

Hoda insists she tries again, and presses another pad into one of Mel’s own shoes. Watch the video to see how that turns out!

In the world of shoe hacks, this little trick is known for helping with sweat, odor, and providing a layer of soft cushioning when placed inside a shoe. These DIY inserts have also been used in boots and sneakers too!

One of the things you’ll need to do is trim the pad down to size to fit your shoe, or just opt for a size that works best. Since this isn’t ideal for when you rock strappy sandals or other shoes with an open style, you can always go with gel insoles.

However, if you want to stick with odd-but-effective high heel hacks, wrap some sticky tape (some that won’t hurt when you peel it off) around your third and fourth toes to lessen the inevitable pain. There’s a nerve in between them that contributes to pain in the ball of your foot. Making that nerve a non-factor with tape actually works!

Don’t forget to click on the video to see how Hoda finesses those pads. The studio crew got a kick out of it!

Have you been using this fashion trick already? What do you think of Mel B’s reaction? Would you stick a pad in your shoes?