Hoda Kotb Explains What Happened With Her Hair Color Mishap


Hoda Kotb has noticeably darker hair. She’s now a true brunette. It might be easy to assume she decided to dye her hair a different color, but that’s not what happened. She didn’t set out to change her hair color at all.

On a recent episode of TODAY, Kotb explained that she didn’t initially dye her hair. Instead, she got a keratin treatment from an expert she trusts; however, the results were unexpected. Kotb points no blame at what happened to the lady who did the keratin treatment. Instead, she blames the chemicals.

A keratin treatment is a common way to straighten hair and remove frizz for anywhere from 3 to 6 months. It makes it possible for women to set aside the styling products and enjoy easy to manage straight hair day after day, month after month. You can see why this would be so appealing, especially to a busy mom on a morning talk show.

This was not Kotb’s first keratin treatment. She simply decided enough time had passed for her to get another keratin treatment. While it technically worked, the results were quite unexpected. No, it did not change her hair to the beautiful brown color she is rocking now. She calls her current color “a happy accident.”

Watch the video below to find out what happened after Kotb got a recent keratin treatment and why she had to dye her hair around 3am.

Have you ever had unexpected results from a hair styling treatment? How would you react if your hair ended up being a strange color, like orange, when you weren’t even expecting to change the color? Do you like Kotb’s hair better now or the lighter color it was before? Have you ever had a keratin treatment?