Hoda Kotb Gets Candid About the ‘Scary’ Part Of Being An ‘Older Mom’

Not everyone becomes a parent at a specific age. While some people decide to become parents as young adults, and others end up with surprise pregnancies, some women end up at age 40 or 50 and still childless.

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager had a fairly deep conversation about motherhood on TODAY. It all started when Kotb revealed that one time a woman saw her out with her two young daughters and was surprised that Kotb was their mother. Kotb understood that the woman thought she was too old to be their mother, but her daughters didn’t understand.

Kotb reflected on the incident and explained to Hager that she didn’t feel insulted by the woman’s surprise and question, but it still hurt her feelings. She explained that being an older mom can be “scary” at times.

At age 57, Kotb is the mom to 5-year-old Haley and 3-year-old Hope. She is enjoying being their mother, but she still worries. It took a visit from her own mother for her to stop worrying so much.

Watch the video below to find out why Kotb thinks it’s “scary” to be an older mom and to learn how her mother’s visit helped her feel better about her age.

During the segment, Kotb and Hager also discussed how women should never decide that it’s too late for them to have children. Hager explained that she has a friend who doesn’t have children. Her friend told Hager how lucky she is to have children at her age. Hager admits that she does feel lucky and blessed to have her children, but she also wanted her friend to know that it’s not too later for her. She told her about Kotb and how it sometimes works out perfectly to have children later in life.

Do you ever “do the math” about how old your children might be when you pass away? Do you think this is a morbid or “scary” thing to think about?