2 Of The 3 Contestants Answered This Final Jeopardy Question About Historic American Roads Correctly


The best part about watching game shows is playing along with the contestants. There are some game shows like “American Ninja Warrior” or even “Cupcake Wars” where it can be a little hard to play along at home. We can only use our imaginations to guess if we think we would even have a remote chance of winning, but then there are game shows like “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy!” where we can actually guess along with the contestants and know for sure if we would’ve done well enough to win or go onto the next round.

Some questions on these types of quiz shows are easy to solve and fans of the shows are amazed when contestants struggle to solve the puzzles. Then there are the questions and puzzles that are very difficult to solve. Sometimes we are surprised that there are actually contestants that know the answers.

One recent final jeopardy question on the show “Jeopardy!” stumped one out of three contestants, but the other two contestants guessed correctly. Host Ken Jennings read the clue the contestants had to solve. He said, “Originally a native American trail, the Dutch made it a main road & today it runs 33 miles from State Street to Sleepy Hollow.”

Do you think you know the answer? Watch the video below to see if you were able come up with the correct question to solve this clue.

Fans weighed in on the question. One wrote, “I figured it had to be NYC because of the Dutch mention (New Amsterdam), and as far as roads that the average non-resident could name, it’s pretty much either Broadway or Wall Street. Great clue, not too difficult!”

Another fan commented, “I like this question because you could figure it out from the various hints. I knew it had to be New York from the Dutch and Sleepy Hollow hints. So, I got it right and I learned something.”

Did you know the answer? Do you think this question was too difficult? Did you learn something new?