13 People Share What Their High School Bully Is Up To These Days

Image of kid walking to school bus.Artur Verkhovetskiy via Deposit Photos

High school reunions are always interesting because you get to find out what your former classmates have been up to all these years. You’ll be reunited with your old friends, the popular kids and even the school bullies.

Social media makes it fairly easy to stay up-to-date on what our old classmates are up to as well. We see pictures of their kids, their travel destinations and what they had for breakfast.

No matter how you keep up with old classmates, chances are from time to time you’re curious what they’re doing years after graduation. Sometimes it’s not surprising, but sometimes they end up changing quite a bit from their high school days.

Twitter user @thetzechun asked, “What does your high school bully do now?” Some answers reveal that the school bullies are bullying adults now, but some people seem to have changed their ways. 

Scroll down for some interesting answers to what school bullies end up doing when they are adults.

  1. Investment Opportunities

  2. Gun Range

  3. He Died

  4. Became a Nice Guy

  5. Went into Politics

  6. Unemployed

  7. Prison

  8. Utility Systems Operator

  9. A Manager

  10. Jehovah’s witness

  11. Theater Director

  12. Bouncer

  13. Youth Pastor