High-Risk Florida Teen Dies of Coronavirus After Attending Church Party

We’ve been told since the beginning of the pandemic that the novel coronavirus is most dangerous for the older population and those who are immunocompromised; however, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can ignore precautions like social distancing, wearing face masks and hand washing. 

Some people have let their guard down over the past month or so and attended large parties where they were not practicing social distancing, and they were not wearing face masks. They thought it was safe, and it ended in tragedy.

The most recent example is a 17-year-old girl from Fort Myers, Florida. Carsyn Leigh Davis attended a party that was held at First Youth Church. There were 100 people at this party, which was held on June 10th. They were not required to social distance, and she did not wear a face mask.

The 17-year-old has had health problems since she was 2 years old. She has battled cancer and a rare autoimmune disease. She was also obese. Her final battle was with COVID-19.

Three days after the party, Davis started having symptoms that her mother, a nurse, dismissed as a sinus infection. She had a headache, cough and sinus pressure.

On June 19th, her mother checked Davis’ oxygen levels and realized that they were frighteningly low, in the 40s. She used Davis’ grandfather’s home oxygen tank to get her oxygen levels up to the 60s. She also gave her daughter hydroxychloroquine, a controversial malaria drug the FDA warns can speed up how quickly coronavirus patients die.

Davis’ mother finally rushed her to the hospital where she tested positive for COVID-19. The doctors wanted to intubate Davis, but her mother refused. Instead, they tried plasma therapy treatments, but they didn’t help.

Three days later, doctors insisted on intubating Davis. On June 22nd, Davis was put on life-support. The next day, she died.

A friend of Davis’ mother set up a GoFundMe, and Davis’ mother wrote, “We are incredibly saddened by her passing at this young age, but are comforted that she is pain free. Heaven gained an angel. Carsyn did not have an easy life. She fought health challenges from the age of 2, including cancer and a very rare autoimmune disorder. She endured years of treatment, doctor visits, specialists, and the effects of those treatments. She lost her dad at the age of 10. Yet, she survived it all, never complaining and never focusing on herself. Even through the ravages of Covid, fighting to breathe, she never once shed a tear, complained or expressed fear.”

Rebekah Jones, a data scientist in Florida, is outraged by Davis’ death and how her parents handled her treatment. Her tweets about Davis have gone viral. Jones’ says “none of this had to happen” and blames Davis’ mother’s belief in conspiracy theories for this young girl’s life being cut short.

Clearly, the coronavirus pandemic is not over. Does it surprise you that an immunocompromised teen would feel safe going to a large party? What do you think Davis’ mother could have done differently?