Inexpensive Way to Hide Your Tattoos With Makeup

Your tattoos are special. They’re a part of you (whether you like it or not), and are often a meaningful symbol or an expression of your creativity. But, unfortunately, you can’t always have them showing. For a particular job or interview you may not be allowed to have tattoos – but what can you do? Tattoo removal is painful and expensive, and you don’t want to remove a part of you for someone else! Instead, try covering up your tattoo. Not with obvious bandages or well-placed clothing, but with some handy dandy makeup! If you’re not sure where to begin we have a simple tutorial that will help you effectively and easily hide you tattoos using basic makeup.

This technique can be applied to tattoos anywhere on your body and only requires a few simple steps. If you don’t have some of the makeup used, they are pretty cheap buys and definitely worth it.

STEP 1: If you can shave the area, you definitely should. The makeup might clog up in the body hair.
STEP 2: Moisturize the tattoo with lotion or primer.
STEP 3: Put a dab of foundation on the tattoo and use a brush to spread it about evenly.
STEP 4: Determine if you have orange or pink undertones to your skin. Depending on which, you’ll want to use orange or pink blush, eye shadow, or lipstick. Rub that powder over your tattoo.
STEP 5: Spray with hairspray and let dry.
STEP 6: Put on another layer of eye shadow.
STEP 7: Apply some concealer onto the tattoo. Make sure to apply concealer around the area and blend it in thoroughly.
STEP 8: Spray again with hairspray.
STEP 9: Apply one last layer of concealer and finish off with some powder.

Serious magic. Your tattoo is completely concealed with just some basic makeup products that most of us have hanging around right now.

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