Here Are the Easiest Ways to Hide Your Bra Straps

It’s wedding season, which means that you are most likely in the market for a backless, strapless, or racerback bra. After all, very few bridesmaids’ dresses can be worn with your run-of-the-mill brassiere!

If that sentiment rings true, then we urge you to try these brilliant hacks before you end up investing another 40 bucks on a piece of underwear you’ll only wear a couple of times a year.

Just follow the handy guide below to start making that old bra start working for you and not against you!

  1. For shoulder-revealing high necklines…

    If you like your necklines high and your shoulders out, just grab a plastic bra clip.

    Now, we know what you are going to say, but those handy doo-dads aren’t just meant for racerbacks; they can also be worn in the front. Simply bring your straps together, right under your collarbone, and fasten. Smart!

  2. For plunging backlines or backless dresses and shirts…

    The last time you were in the lingerie section, you probably noticed that there are quite a few sticky, silicone-y options for keeping your chest looking perky in sexier pieces.

    Nonetheless, they tend to be temporary, flimsy, and anything but supportive. That’s why we think you should make your very own backless bra. You don’t need sewing experience, and best of all, you’ll be able to get the exact fit that you want. For a full tutorial, click here.

  3. For an instant cleavage boost…

    Looking to add some “va va va voom” to your next outfit? If so, then simply safety pin your bra straps together, making sure that they join right under your shoulder blades—instant cleavage!

    We love this hack because this simple alteration can make your most comfortable t-shirt bras into push-ups.

  4. For when your underwire goes rogue…

    Believe it or not, just a bit of gauze tape and a few tacking stitches can save that uncomfortable push-up!

    If you need an emergency fix, all you need to do is tuck that exposed underwire back into its original seams, then secure with some gauze tape. Looking for a more permanent option? If so, re-attach the broken seam with tacking stitches.

  5. For a DIY supportive strapless bra…

    Let’s be honest, strapless bras don’t necessarily have the most stellar reputations, and for good reason—it’s really hard to find one that stays put!

    So, if you need a bit more support, grab a 5-way bra and remove one of the straps. Once complete, unhook your other strap from the back fastener, then wrap it around your lower breast bone just under your bra, securing its hooked end in either the left or right notch. This simple change will keep that brassiere from slipping and sliding!

See! We just saved you from making a pricey trip to Victoria’s Secret! To learn the ingenious reverse racerback hack for yourself, be sure to click on the video below.

What do you think of these bra hacks? Have you tried any of these out before? Do you have any of your own that you would like to add to the list? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!