13 People Reveal the Hidden Features of Common Items That People Don’t Know About

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Many times when we buy a product, we don’t bother to look at the user manual. We assume we already know how to use the product especially if we have owned a similar item before or if we have seen someone else use this particular product.

We are only hurting ourselves by not reading user manuals. Besides giving us common sense instruction like where the batteries go and how to turn the product on or off, we may learn valuable pieces of advice that surprise us. In some cases, there are amazing features that we might never know about otherwise.

Reddit user iamasimplechair asked, “What common item has a feature that most people do not know?” The answers are very enlightening and might have you running to grab a product you have to check and see if these features do in fact really exist. Prepare to be amazed!

  1. Honda CRV

    tobyhatesbees wrote:

    Not sure about newer models but Honda CRVs from 2000-2006 have a fold-up picnic table built into the floor panel of the trunk.

  2. Self-Checkout

    Another Reddit user added:

    At most self-checkout stands you can mute the obnoxious prompts by finding a volume or speaker icon at the bottom. Not a big deal for most people I suppose, but I hate being yelled at in Robot Voice to “remove your item and place it in the bag!”

  3. Credit Card Benefits

    r3dt4rget shared:

    Credit cards come with a whole package of benefits most people don’t know about:Rental car insurance Refund protection (they pay you if a store refuses refund) Extended warranty (the card covers your stuff after manufacturer warranty runs out) Theft protection (card covers your stuff if it’s stolen) You will just have to check out the full info for your card to see what you get.

  4. Gas Pumps

    MugshotMarley wrote:

    On most US gas pumps, press enter at the “Welcome” screen to enter a preset dollar amount for how much gas you want to pump.

  5. Whiteboard Erasers

    Written by sdmikecfc:

    Most whiteboard erasers (rectangular ones) have layers. When the bottom is matted and useless, just peel a layer off and it’s brand new.

  6. Flashlights

    mrGeaRbOx shared:

    Maglite flashlights have a spare bulb in the base under the battery spring.

  7. Vegetable Peelers

    radkomasty wrote:

    Most vegetable peelers have a notch at the end of the peelers that is designed to remove eyes and dark spots from potatoes, saving you from pulling out a knife.

  8. Dishwashers

    jenfolds shared:

    Most dishwashers have a catch that collects food falling from your plates when you wash them. Unsurprisingly, if you don’t empty this out every few months, you now have a dishwasher full of mold.

  9. Onesies

    im-always-cold wrote:

    Onesies that babies wear have that weird neck construction so you can pull it down over the baby in case of a diaper blowout, etc.I didn’t know this until all of my kids were out of baby clothes .

  10. Conditioner

    yodascousinkevin shared:

    Conditioner (like the stuff you use on your hair) can be used to unshrink clothes. Put some cold water in a tub and mix it with just a bunch of conditioner and let it sit for like an hour or 2. The conditioner will relax the fibers in the garment and as an added bonus it’ll smell really nice.

  11. Libraries

    Portarossa added:

    Your local library probably offers a lot more services than you expect. Besides free ebook and audiobook borrowing (you’ll just need a PIN, which you can get at the front desk), a lot of libraries have started branching out. Some offer evening classes, or access to online courses, or reading groups, or storytime sessions for young kids. Others still rent out films, or video games, or tools, or even free museum passes to local venues.

  12. Toasters

    derawin07 explained:

    Most toasters have little removable trays at the bottom that catch the crumbs that fall off the bread. Empty these to prevent burning your house down!Also you can push the lever up to make the toast stand out of the toaster, so you don’t have to stick your fingers in. I feel like lots of people don’t realise it doesn’t only push down.

  13. Microwaves

    Another Reddit user added:

    Most microwaves have a mute function.Pretty nice if you’re a night owl or an early riser and you don’t want to wake anyone up.