Police Officer Wants You To Know About One Of Your Car’s Safety Features Many People Don’t Use

Let’s face it–operating a motor vehicle can be a tough task, even for the most experienced drivers. As we all know, a driver can have a spotless record for decades until, one day, they make a small mistake that can put them–and the other drivers and passengers on the road–in grave danger.

Nowadays, a lot of attention is put on “distracted drivers”–i.e. those of us who can’t put down our cell phones even when we are operating heavy machinery. Having said that, there are also many other ways that today’s drivers are failing to keep themselves, and everyone else, safe.

In a viral public service announcement produced by Sgt. John Perrine, Indiana State Police Public Information Officer in Central Indiana, the officer gives us a tongue-in-cheek view into the interior of a car, specifically the MOST neglected driving safety feature–the turn signal. In the funny, yet very informative clip, Perrine reminds us that the use of the turn signal while changing lanes is compulsory for two reasons: 1) it’s the law and 2) it makes everyone on the road safer.

Now, before you automatically write off the Sergeant’s warnings as being too simplistic, let’s take a quick dive into some scary driving statistics. According to a survey conducted by SAE International of 12,000 vehicles, a staggering 48% of drivers don’t use their turn signals when changing lanes, with another 25% refusing to use them when making a turn.

Scary stuff, right? Well, SAE International thinks so, too. The auto engineering organization further expanded on its data by providing this terrifying nugget: “A turn signal is used about once per mile; that translates to a staggering 300 billion neglected turn signal events per year.”

Yikes. We don’t know about you, but we think both Sgt. John Perrine and SAE have a point–there are far too many drivers on the road who treat turn signals as an “optional” mechanism.

But, that’s not where the concerning data ends. Let’s talk accidents: in the same SAE International study, the organization found that failure to use turn signals resulted in TWICE the number of accidents than those caused by distracted drivers. It’s a sad truth, especially considering that activating a turn signal is pretty much the easiest part of driving. No wonder Sgt, Perrine felt the need to shine a spotlight on such a prevalent driving danger!

Now that you have been enlightened on all things turn signal safety, it’s time for you to learn more, from Sgt. Perrine himself. To see this charming cop give a funny–and very serious–look at this oft-forgotten car safety feature, be sure to watch the video below. Come on, everyone, it’s time to give those turn signals some love!

We can’t wait to hear your take on this unusual public service announcement. Are you surprised that Sgt. Perrine decided to focus on turn signals? Do you regularly use your turn signals while driving? Have you ever gotten into an accident because you failed to do so?