Man Asks Wife If She Wants to Do Her Favorite Things and Her Responses Are All of Us

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Question: Is there any woman out there that doesn’t enjoy going shopping at HomeGoods or Target? Who doesn’t want to relax and get her nails done? Who absolutely hates stuffing her face during brunch?

Sure, it’s a little stereotypical, but you know it’s true—you’d love to all of those things right now as you’re reading this as you tend to your little one and realize how slim of a chance you’ll ever get to do all of those things again in one day.

That’s right, it’s, of course, not always possible to have a fun day out like this, especially if you’re parents. Your days may revolve around your kid’s naps, their feeding schedules, and going to places only they find interesting—like a petting zoo, not a salon. Sigh.

If only your husband would arrange for a babysitter so you can have a lovely day date with him doing all of these things. But what husband in their right mind would ever do such a thing? Do husbands even KNOW that this is every mom’s dream come true?

Surprisingly, yes! In a recent Instagram video posted by US Weekly, a husband is heard asking his wife one simply question: if she wants to go shopping. As she’s putting on her makeup for the day, she tells him that they can’t because they have a baby—what was he thinking?

But then he says the magic words: that he arranged plans for someone to care for the baby and they can do whatever they want that day. That’s right—HomeGoods, Target, manicures/pedicures, and brunch are all on the list. Oh, and to top it all off, a peach milkshake from Chil-fil-A. Um, where can we get a husband like this?

The woman in the video is basically every woman who would ever receive such information. Her jaw drops. Her eyes light up. She aggressively closes her mascara in a way that says “HECK YES, I’M READY TO GO” and then squeals with delight as she goes to get dressed. It’s honestly the most lighthearted content we never knew we needed in 2020.

If you could use a day to bask in the glory of such activities, then you need to watch the most relatable video of all time. Check it out below!


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He had Us at HomeGoods. 😍❤️ (📹: @katstickler)

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How adorable is this wife finding out that she’s going to have a dream child-free day? What are the guilty-pleasure places that you no longer go to after having a baby?