USPS Reveals Heartbreaking Letters To Santa That Show the Heartbreaking Toll COVID Has Taken On Kids

This year has been stressful. It has been challenging. It has been sad and unexpected. We are living through a very unusual and heartbreaking time that none of us saw coming.

If we, as adults, think we have had a difficult year, just imagine how hard it has been for our children. Although we may try to shield them from some of the details about COVID-19, they still see the news when we have it on, overhear our conversations and know the reality of the changes that have personally impacted their lives.

Our children were ripped away from their friends in March and told that they have to stay home, wear a mask whenever they leave and stay at least 6 feet away from anyone who doesn’t live in the same house. They were told not to play with their friends and not to visit their grandparents.

Many children lost loved ones due to the coronavirus, and many children live in families that are struggling financially due to job loss caused by the pandemic and resulting shut-downs. Making ends meet has become nearly impossible for so many.

Don’t take our word for it. You can get a glimpse at what exactly many children have experienced this year by reading their letters to Santa. They certainly have some unusual wishes as a result of this difficult year. They’re wishing for things like toys and clothes, but they are also wishing for things like face masks and the end of COVID-19.

Every year the USPS publishes some of the letters they get addressed to Santa. Generous people who want to help the child who wrote the letter can choose to adopt a family, buy presents for them and send the presents anonymously through a participating post office. That way the child and family actually receive the requests they sent to Santa.

Scroll down to read some of the letters the USPS has received addressed to Santa. If you would like to adopt a family and be their Santa this year, you can learn more here.