This Sweet Puzzle Has Us Hunting for the Heart Hidden Among the Elephants


Who doesn’t love a good mindless puzzle? We sure do! And that’s why we love Hungary illustrator, Gergely Dudás, who is known for creating brain-teasing puzzles where he hides different things. Whether it’s a hidden doe among stags, a snake among turtles or a butterfly among sunflowers, Gergely is always stumping us, and stumping us good.

His latest puzzle has got to be one of his hardest ones yet. In the puzzle, he’s drawn out dozens of dark pink, light pink purple and white elephants, all happily invading each other’s space. In light of spring, most of the elephants have flowers or butterflies on them. One is wearing a top hat—perhaps the leader of the elephant pack—and one is golding up a banana.

It’s such an adorable scene that we nearly forgot what we were looking for! Oh right—a heart. Hmmm. We definitely don’t see a heart.

Now, Gergely Dudás is pretty good at what he does. The hidden objects are usually melded right into the photograph so fluently that it’s easily missed. Even after looking the photo up and down dozens of times, the hidden object is, well, just that: Hidden!

On that note, we at TipHero gave up and checked the “Solution” (which Gergely offers on all of his creations) to see where the heart was. Of course, now that we know where it is, we can’t unsee it!

Take a look at the puzzle below and see if you can find the heart among the elephants.

Have you found it yet? Keep looking! If you’d like a hint or two, scroll d own.

Ready for a hint? Scroll down.

The heart is very small in size. It’s so small that it’s so very easily missed. Be sure to check each and every crevice of the photo and keep your eyes peeled for something much smaller than the elephants themselves.

Still haven’t found it? Scroll down for another hint!

The heart is pink. That means you’ll probably want to take a close look at the pink elephants specifically.

Ready to give up? No shame in checking out the solution!

Were you able to locate the tiny heart hidden among the elephants before checking the solution? How long did it take you to find—or give up? What’s your favorite kind of brain teaser?

Looking for more Gergely Dudás puzzles? Check his blog here for tons!