Harry Styles Pauses Concert To Find His Former School Teacher In Crowd

CBS News

Teachers are vitally important. We trust them to teach our children things like math, history and science. We expect our children to learn how to read and write. We praise our children when they do well in school. We sometimes complain along with our children about how much homework they get. Do we remember to thank the teachers?

Parents often thank teachers for their hard work on occasions like teacher appreciation day, but often their hard work is not appreciated as much as it should be. Children may thank their teachers from time to time, yet many are probably happy when the school day is over and they are free to go home or hang out with their friends.

Sometimes, when we get older we appreciate our teachers more than we did when they were actually our teachers. We remember certain teachers vividly and think about how important they were in our lives and how they helped shape us and teach us more than just what was on the upcoming test.

Many teachers are positive influences in their students’ lives, but most teachers never get the opportunity to be publicly thanked for all of their hard work. Mrs. Vernon is an exception.

Last Wednesday, Harry Styles was performing at a concert in Manchester, England. During the concert, he stopped and asked the audience for their help. He wanted to find someone in the crowd. Then he explained that the person he was trying to find was his “first ever school teacher,” a lady he referred to as “Mrs. Vernon.”

For the most part, the audience cooperated with Styles, and he ended up being successful in his mission to find his former teacher. Watch the video below to see Styles search the crowd for Mrs. Vernon and to hear what he had to say to her once he found her.

When Styles located Mrs. Vernon in the audience, he realized that another one of his former teachers was also at his concert, a woman he referred to as Mrs. Wilson. After thanking the teachers for all of their hard work and commending them for being great teachers, Styles dedicated his next song to Mrs. Vernon and Mrs. Wilson.

Do you remember your first ever school teacher? Which teacher made the biggest impact on your life?