Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Won Their Legal Battle Over Paparazzi Photos

Press Association STUDIO

It has been a year of change for many of us, but 2020 has brought quite significant changes for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Back in March, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially walked away from their roles as senior members of the royal family. They relocated to Canada before moving to California. Being back in California probably feels like coming home to Meghan, but for Harry, he has pretty much left behind his entire life.

Harry and Meghan had very good reasons for deciding to walk away from royal life. These reasons included the way their family was mistreated by the press. Meghan was far from easily accepted by the British media.

The Sussexes have multiple legal battles at the moment, but the end of the year brings some good news. A spokesperson explained in a statement, “As explained in today’s hearing, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have successfully settled a legal claim brought at the beginning of this year against the paparazzi agency Splash U.K. This settlement is a clear signal that unlawful, invasive, and intrusive paparazzi behaviour will not be tolerated, and that the couple takes these matters seriously – just as any family would.”

Going forward, Splash U.K. will not take any more photos of Meghan, Harry or their son Archie.

While this is a major step forward, the couple’s other legal battles are far from over. Meghan has a separate privacy lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Limited, and that trial won’t take place until sometime in fall of 2021.

For more about how 2020 went for Meghan and Harry, watch the video below.

Hopefully 2021 will be an easier year for all of us, including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In a statement, their lawyer, Michael J. Kump, explained, “All families have a right, protected by law, to feel safe and secure at home.” We couldn’t agree more.