Sweet Video Shows Prince Harry, Yet Again, Fixing Meghan’s Hair

Wikimedia Commons

There’s nothing more romantic than a husband who tucks a piece of hair behind our ear, right? We all want someone who fixes our every misplaced strand.

Prince Harry is just that guy. The man is constantly touching his wife Meghan Markle’s head, fixing her hair whenever it needs it most.

In fact, one Twitter user even compiled a video detailing several occasions where Harry has done just this, titling it “the most attentive husband.” It has since gone viral for how hilarious (and adorable) it is.

Whether he’s un-tucking her ponytail after receiving a necklace or smoothing it down after it was jolted by the wind, he never misses a chance to fix his wife’s hair.

Most people responded to the video with adoration, commenting about how endearing it is that Harry’s so attentive. But some say they’d rather their husband not frequently touching their head like that, especially in public.

To each their own, we suppose! Plus, we think Meghan is loving the fact that Harry is always there to help her out.

The two have always been pretty affectionate with each other, even in public. Whether they’re holding hands or rubbing each other’s backs, PDA was never an issue for them. While it’s not quite the typical behavior for royals, Harry and Meghan have never been two to stay within the royal guidelines.

In fact, they even just recently have taken a step back from the royal family to pursue their own financial independence (and perhaps start up their own hair salon? Kidding!).

And now, a new video of the two has gone viral, just adding to the many clips of Harry fixing Meghan’s hair.

The two were in Africa on a 10-day tour when Harry untucked Meghan’s during a check out to the Nyanga Township to meet up with a crew from the Mbokodo Club Undertaking.

Watch Harry fix his wife’s hair for the umpteenth time below!

How sweet is it of Harry to always be there to fix Meghan’s hair—or are you on the other side, would you find this annoying?