Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Share First Photo of Daughter Lilibet

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When Meghan Markle gave birth to her first child, Archie, she and her husband, Prince Harry, were senior members of the royal family. As such, there were certain expectations. For example, the public expected to be able to see and photograph the newest member of the royal family.

After the birth of each of her three babies, Kate Middleton held her baby for the camera while looking amazing considering she was photo ready just hours after giving birth.

Unlike Kate, Meghan waited two days before presenting her baby to the world. She also did so in a dress that didn’t hide the fact that her baby bump hadn’t magically disappeared overnight. Meghan didn’t like the idea of having to present her new baby to the cameras, but she did it anyway since it was expected.

When Meghan gave birth to her second child, Lilibet, things had changed. She and Harry were no longer working members of the royal family. They had relocated to Santa Barbara, California, and they were able to keep their daughter away from the public’s eye for as long as they wanted. They did this successfully and chose their Christmas card as the time to reveal a photo of her for the very first time.

Photographer Alexi Lubomirski had the honor of taking Meghan and Harry’s 2021 Christmas card photo. He also took their engagement and wedding photos. He recently shared the Christmas card photo on Instagram writing, “This is one of those rare and special projects, that one is fortunate enough to be a part of.”

The photo is quite casual and exudes joy. Harry, Meghan and Archie are all dressed in jeans, and Harry, Archie and Lilibet are barefoot. Meghan holds Lilibet up in the air, and everyone is smiling. Lilibet appears to be a perfectly adorable and happy baby, but that’s not the only observation we made. It’s also clear that Archie is a redhead like his father.


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Watch the video below to learn more about Meghan and Harry’s Christmas card including the special message they wrote inside.

Why do you think Harry and Meghan decided to release a photo of Lilibet? Do you think they should have waited longer? What do you think of their Christmas card photo?