Hallmark Secretly Brought Back Lori Loughlin – Fans Speak Out

s_bukley via Deposit Photos

After Lori Loughlin was found guilty in the college admission scandal, her acting career took a hit. Her character was written out of the show “Fuller House,” and she was dropped from Hallmark Channel, where she acted in a variety of movies and TV shows. The company even went so far as to edit her out of previously filmed episodes of the series “When Calls the Heart.”

Now, it seems that Hallmark is easing into reestablishing a relationship with the actress. Fans have noticed that Hallmark has resumed airing past movies in the “Garage Sale Mysteries” series, a series of movies that stars Loughlin.

Hallmark announced the return of the movie series on Facebook writing, “Stream the first three “Garage Sale Mysteries” now available on #HallmarkMoviesNow!” The mysteries are exclusively available on the company’s streaming service Hallmark Movies Now. Hallmark also posted a trailer of the movie series, and it features Loughlin.

Fans are thrilled at the return of Louglin and the show. One fan wrote, “I love the garage sale mysteries, I’m glad to see Lori Loughlin being played again.”

Another comment reads, “im so glad hallmark is slowly showing lori on their services again, took them a while but im glad shes back in some capacity, please bring her back.”

Yet another fan shared, “Lori is a great actress who made a terrible mistake, but paid the price. Hallmark should forgive the actress and bring her back in Garage Sale Mysteries. One of the best mystery movies! PLEASE bring her back with new movies! Thanks!”

Even though Hallmark seems to be okay with slowly rereleasing movies staring Loughlin, the company currently does not have any plans to cast her in any new projects.

Alonso Duralde of The Wrap thinks Hallmark’s move to release “Garage Sale Mysteries” on its streaming service is “interesting.” He tweeted, “Interesting that the Hallmark cable channels made a very big to-do of disappearing all their Lori Loughlin content when the scandal went down, but now they’re subtly reintroducing the Garage Sale Mysteries to their Hallmark Movies Now streaming service with minimal fanfare.”

Do you think it’s “interesting” that Hallmark is releasing movies staring Loughlin on its streaming service? Do you think Hallmark will eventually cast her in new projects?