Halle Berry Shows Off The Backside Of Her 54-Year-Old Toned Body In A Swimsuit On Instagram

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The summer isn’t over yet, and that means many people have swimsuits at the ready. In some cases, celebs are wearing swim attire when they’re not even anywhere near the beach or a swimming pool. In other cases, celebs are going for a less is more fashion trend when it comes to rocking a bikini.

Halle Berry is beach ready, and at age 54, her body looks better than many people much younger than her. The actress recently posted a picture on Instagram that is #goals for many women. In the picture, which she captioned “Back at the beach,” Berry’s back is literally to the camera as the walks on the beach. She’s wearing a very low in the back one-piece swimsuit that shows off her toned butt and thighs.


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Berry’s followers are loving her picture. One person commented, “Bombshell!”

Another comment reads, “10 outta 10 booty bby.”

Yet another person wrote, “I mean …… woah.”

How does Berry manage to stay in such great shape? According to Women’s Health, she is on a ketogenic diet to manage her diabetes, and she also works out on a regular basis with her trainer Peter Lee Thomas.

Back in May, Berry told Women’s Health a little bit about her exercise routine and how it has changed over time. Pre-pandemic, Berry says that she and Thomas used to work out for about 90 minutes. Now, she has cut that amount of time way back. Berry said, “Half the time our sweat sessions were just 20 minutes long.” She explained, “If anything, I’ve learned that a 20-minute workout can totally knock you on your butt.”

If Berry’s body is evidence that 20 minutes is all it takes to get in great shape, we believe it and we’re here for it. However, Berry’s not talking about going for a 20 minute stroll through the park. Her workouts are intense. She explained that her workouts focus on circuits. For example, she’ll alternate between five or six different exercises “churning through one after another, going as hard as I can for a set amount of time so I don’t have to count reps.”

Berry keeps things interesting by switching up what types of moves she does. For example, some moves just use her own body weight. Other moves require gym equipment. And then sometimes she uses her son as a “weight” when she’s doing squats.

Would you exercise for 20 minutes a day if it meant you could be as toned as Berry?